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    WHY and HOW

    Our approach is based on a combination of analog a digital equipment, along with a compliment of good outboard gear and microphones to consistently achieve results that meet or beat most of what comes out of larger or more expensive studios.

    Stereo Lisa
    But it's a studio's philosophy that gives it the edge.   The recording studio is your final stop.   This is where your music is made ready for the public.   All too often, projects arrive at the studio without a producer.   It's just you and the engineer.   When this happens, most studios will play it safe, putting your music through a "standard routine."   Unfortunately, you end up with a production that lacks imagination, creativity and clarity.   There is an art to both tracking and mixing.

    We don't have a standard routine!   Every project is unique.   You don't write music that sounds like everyone else's, but it will, if you surrender your material to a "standard routine."   We'll work with you to ensure that the unique qualities of your music transcend the technology and shine through the final mix.

    We probably spend more time than the average studio planning the process of recording your project.   But in the long run, this saves time, money and headaches.

    If you've never been in a recording studio, we'll be glad to show you how things are done, properly.   We will do what we can to make your first studio experience a productive and enjoyable one.
    "I have recorded three albums at Seven South. They know how to make it sweet. There are many pitfalls, challenges and opportunities to screw up when you record. The guys at 7 South keep it simple, clean and effective, while keeping an open mind to new ideas. My latest album, the 70 minute Interruptus "Umbrella Man," has recieved critical acclaim for it's production values and has inspired a rock opera that is planning a tour in the spring. 7 South is a comfortable, creative environment in which to lay it all down. I'll be back!"
    Steve Skinner- Umbrella Man

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