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  360 Sextet High energy Latin Jazz
40 OZ best known for smoldering 'funkified' grooves and socio-political lyrics
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  The Acousticats seamless interplay of twin fiddles, fine original songs, innovative arrangements, finely tuned harmonies, and hot solos
ANTI-M ANTI-M is a techno progressive rock band with influences from the progressive music of the '70s to the electronic dance music from the '80s.
Gilles Apap Iconoclastic violinist extraordinaire, described by the late Yehudi Menuhin as "The Violinist of the twenty-first century."
Army of Freshmen 6 piece energetic pop rock (sorta punk) band out of Ventura with emphasis on songwriting.
Ashford Gordon Band The Ashford Gordon Band IS alternative Rhythm and Blues!!
  Away Team Female vocals, electronic sound designs and explorations, tunes, groove, weird ambience....
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  Martin Ball solo artist - original instrumental music - from alternative to world beat, reggae & various fusion & hybrid styles
  Béla Lugosi Béla Lugosi is a hardcore classical group that plays bummer music. Gilles Apap say's they play with balls.
  Gisèle Ben-Dor Current music director of the Santa Barbara Symphony conducts the London Symphony Orchestra
Nate Birkey Quintet Driving and introspective, with an emphasis on original material.
Jeff Bisch Guitar and harmonica player singing original, blues-based, urban-folk (with a few country edges; thoughtful lyrics offered in an evocative, smokey voice.
  Ross Borden Ross does a great job adding a contemporary spin to a big band sound. His is a rich voice with a sense of phrasing that actually lets you hear the lyrics. What a concept!
  Jeff Bosset This award winning composer's latest release, "A Better World" and the incredible response the album has received, has firmly planted Jeff Bosset in the independent music world.
  Buckley V. Valeo A four-piece band based in Santa Barbara. They sound a little as if John Lennon was reincarnated as a girl and the Beatles re-did the White Album.
  Buttcheek Doofus A three piece band fronted by a young woman with a defiant point of view and an even louder guitar
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  Cabaret4Choice A collaborative project, to benefit local organizations that support reproductive choice, Cabaret4choice is a variety act gone off its meds, running the gamut of musical styles from rewired nursery song, to wacky march- from tender folk ballad, to eco-reggae; a pleasing pastiche of everything from subtle sensuality to all-out lunacy.
  Kirstin Candy soulful, upbeat, retro rock with a groovy vibe
  Agatha Carubia Beautiful, original, mystical vocal music w/ cello, piano, flute, viola and effects.
Cascada de Flores Cascada de Flores celebrates traditional and timeless music from Cuba and Mexico.
Vince Chafin Vince Chafin, Native American Flute music for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Awakening...
Charles Law & Jagged Downhome sexually charged partyboy corrupts a sophisticated chick bassist in a lustrous production of make-believe sins on string slappin' thick grooves: Johnny Cash & Jimi Hendrix dance with Melissa Auf Der Maur at a Dave Matthews Band jam.
Claddagh Claddagh is Southern California's most energetic and enjoyable Irish and folk music band
Cowboy Surfer Allow yourself to be cowboy wild and surfer free. Come in to the surf saloon and stay awhile.
Davin Crane NRBQ meets Van Morrison & John Hiatt in the back room of a bar in Goleta.
Crème de la Femme A frothy concoction of comedy, parody, melody and social commentary. This delicious duo features perpetual “partners in cream” and performers about town, Allegra Heidelinde and Sarah Frascella.
Cyrus Clarke Band The Cyrus Clarke Band rocks through the heart of the golden rolling hills of California.
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  Dudley Dudley is an art-folk band built around singer/songwriter Ellen Turner.
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  EARL A meter bending song of proverbs- a Klezmatic polka about ladybugs- an inspired tribute to radio storyteller Joe Frank- the band EARL happily morphs musical genres, serving up a rollicking idiosyncratic sound.
  EarthRise 4-part vocal harmonies backed by guitar, mandolin & other good stuff.
James Edwards Original, innovative arrangements of classical guitar works
El Pollito de California A legend throughout the Spanish-speaking world and raw force of nature on concert stages internationally. His new CD delivers fire & passion. An infectious blend of Spanish Rumba and Gypsy Flamenco!
El Son del Pueblo Based in Southern California, created in 2001 with the aim of contributing to the diffusion of the son jarocho beyond its birthplace in Veracruz, Mexico.
Michael Errico Ph.D. Mike Errico is a psychologist who has been teaching relaxation and meditation for 20 years.
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  Debra Farris (& Band) Original music - an eclectic mix of blues, funk, folk and jazz.
Francine Greshler Feldmann For years these musical fantasies have been delighting audiences ranging in age from preschool to adult.
Peter Feldmann A new blend of early rural and modern musical styles
Fifth Column Fetish Minimal and experimental, with heavy rock inflections.
Fishbowl Records 27 track punk, ska, and emo compilation of mostly Santa Barbara area bands and labels.
flapping, Flapping flapping, Flapping is a para-pop band, savoring hooks and oddities and bowing in the direction of the Beatles.
Foggy Dew A rich tapestry of sound - English and Gaelic songs appeal to anyone who has ever missed their homeland
Anne Kerry Ford Broadway veteran treats standards and showtunes to fresh, innovative arrangements.
  Kimberly Ford Acclaimed jazz vocalist with a distinctive style sings the classics as well a few of her own compositions.
  FrodoCPU Infectious melodies and 'in the pocket' grooves. Sophisticated pop music of many colors in the tradition of Steely Dan and Sting.
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  Michael G Eclectic pop-rock-soul with the freedom of its convictions delivered in with clear and powerful vocals.
  Jody Galvin Heartfelt, frantic folky/country stuff with a special blend of humor which is uniquely her own. Her stage presence and performance creates great warmth in the audience.
Nicola Gordon singer/songwriter - affectionately lyrical, anecdotal songs full of sights & sounds & human encounters
Granite Tapestry wide variety of music: fiddle tunes, folk, reggae, swing, acoustic versions of rock classics
Lorin Grean Contemporary Celtic Harp and voice with innovative, acoustic arrangements (originals & covers)
Alastair Greene Fans of Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allman Brothers, and Jimi Hendrix will definately be interested in checking out Alastair Greene.
Matthew Nathan Greif In addition to his appearances as a classical guitarist, Matthew continues to pursue improvisation and composition in a wide range of styles.
  Eddie Guthman A multi-instrumentalist creating and playing music that comes from the heart.
  Guy Martin Group "raw powerful blues with just a slight rock edge" - passionate high-energy presence that walks a fine line between many different genres
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  Renée Hamaty Grand piano arrangements that combine classical and popular music with purity and integrity.
  Headless Household Headless Household is an eclectic New Music group, covering a spectrum of genres and creating its own agenda as it goes...
Mark Henderson Accomplished keyboard artist; composed for theatre, commercials, animation, TV, film, video & CD-ROMs.
Ted Hoagland Ted Hoagland is a Santa Barbara songwriter and performer of eclectic Americana, rock and folk music.
David Holster Blues/rock singer-songwriter delivers some of the finest music to come out of California.
Honey White Honey White plays epic, genre-bending garage rock, with the best mix of sensitivity and power.
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  Idiot Savant 4 boys from santa barbara who like to play instruments and watch TV. They also drink.
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  Shandra Jai Shandra Jai is an innovative visionary songwriter for the new millennium. She combines Alternative Adult Contemporary with the sensitivity of the New Age.
  JOE One of those self-reliant handymen behind a battery of instruments he has played himself on this fetching eclectic pop outing.
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  Karmacanic Using a synthesis of the electronic medium, pristine vocals, expansive guitars and thoughtful songwriting, Karmacanic creates a highly textured yet sharp sound that is truly fresh.
  Greg Karpain A songwriter with a collection of thoughtful, rollicking, and just plain fun songs -- with some country reggae tossed in for good measure.
Paul Keim modern approach to blues, folk & roots-rock, in the tradition of the maestros, with long established personal unique style covered wit, fervor & expressiveness. - Good Times, Germany
KELP 13 instrumentals from Santa Barbara's only surf band
Kid'n Together Alex & Ben are KiD'n TOGETHER, music for listening, laughing and learning
Scott Kuehn a collection of instrumental compositions that came from that meditative space that is deep within all of us.
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  Dave LaDelfa everything from ambient soundscapes to pop songs, always with an emphasis on instrumental color and texture
Earl LaRoux NRBQ meets Van Morrison & John Hiatt in the back room of a bar in Goleta.
Lean-To Math rock meets fusion - a sort of organized goofing off that maintains a quiet intensity.
Leslie Lembo Hear the sumptuous, sultry vocals of Leslie Lembo performed inside her original jazz & R&B compositions.
M TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Marley's Ghost stunning breadth of musical styles - folk, country, bluegrass, Delta blues, a capella, Celtic, reggae, rockabilly, newgrass...
Mary Murphy & Paul Kein Straddling the junction of Celtic and American roots music, Mary Murphy and Paul Keim pay scant attention to cultural boundaries.
  Marq-e Santa Barbara's first, Pop / Hip Hop Artist, Marq-e
  Michael Mendelson original fiddle music... contra dance, old-timey, Scottish, swing, blues, classical, etc.
  Pat Milliken an acoustic guitar instrumentalist whose technical facility and rich sound-tones create a shimmering musical poetry
  Monterey Jazz Band Straight-ahead jazz performed by this local quartet and featuring vocals by Tana Bronk
Moreno / Mullins / Nelson Latin melodies of different times and places
  Moving Breath Numinous World Music - songs of the sacred, expressed through musical styles from around the world
Luis Muñoz One of those special musical visionaries, constantly challenging the musical realm, breaking out in new directions & discovering new rhythmic territory.
Mary Murphy An uncanny ability to find the shivering depths of a song and send them straight to your heart.
Munkafust Santa Barbara's Munkafust dishes up an alternative, blues-based rock, with plenty of hooks and a funky undertone for it all.
Musical Family Celebrities' Choice... the band that does it all!
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  Ron Paris Veteran soul singer, Ron Paris has sung with The Platters and Paul Taylor, opened for The Jacksons and Red Foxx, and performed as The Ron Paris Show in Las Vegas for some twenty years.
  Suzanne Paris The music is real simple, easy listening with a little blues and pop. It's a cross between Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan.
  Lance Parker What you'll be hearing: "Quirky-brainy rootsy rock", "the disc is playful without being un-serious and sensitive without being trite." Dennis Tivey, S.B. Independent.
  Pelikanesis Eclectic, hard-edged neo-classic rock, featuring exciting live and studio performances, with the smooth, smoky vocals and slide guitar wizardry of Paull Rubin.
  Peter Feldmann & The Very Lonesome Boys A hard-hitting, double clutchin', gut-wrenching, spine-tingling, bone-chilling, and imposterous set of songs and tunes, done in Peter's inimitable regressive bluegrass style ... truly neo-classic country music.
  Polychrome Beautiful gliding female vocals over well crafted pop songs. Like 10,000 Maniacs with the Smiths. Great production.
Q TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Queen Mab Celtic music ensemble Queen Mab performs traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish music, from haunting ballads to rousing dance tunes.
  The Quire of Voyces Early sacred choral works by 15th and 16th century masters, performed with consummate skill and beauty
R TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Relish rel•ish (rél'ish) n. 1. An appetite for something : liking. 2. Pleasure : zest.
The Riffzone Timeless Rock
The Rite Brothers The Rite Brothers are a Santa Barbara band that play a mix of folk, rock and country originals on accordion, banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar, bass and drums.
Rincon Ramblers from modern and traditional folk and bluegrass to R&B, bluegrass, Celtic, New Acoustic and "progressive surfgrass"
Mark Roberts Original rock/pop about life in California with a powerful mix for dance and a satisfying palette for the listener.
Rock Stew Provocative original blend of eclectic yet cohesive world-rock styles. Refreshing and unique.
  Paull E. Rubin Eclectic, hard-edged neo-classic rock, featuring exciting live and studio performances, with smooth, smoky vocals and slide guitar wizardry.
Patricia Rushton Beautiful Celtic harp melodies from Ireland and Scotland, many new to the current solo harp repertoire.
S TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Salt on the Rug Salt on the Rug's music is a unique fusing of Celtic beginnings with jazz, folk/rock, and classical elements. Fasten your seat belts!
  Santa Barbara Symphony fine symphonic music of the highest artistic quality
  Santa Barbara Tibetan Bowl Group 10 ladies producing a rich ambient soundscape using instruments like singing bowls, tingshas, rattles, bells & gongs.
Sick Shift New School Punk/Pop. --- Fast, fun, melodic, and sometimes heavy.
Tina Sicre Tina Sicre is a driving force . . . with a voice that varies from haunting and tender to bluesy to straight-up melodic.
Elizabeth Simpson-Wong ethereal, New-Age sound with inspirational, Christian-based lyrics
Cory Sipper stunning live performances, captivating lyrics and memorable songs
Stephanie Sivers Stephanie Sivers is a dynamic vocalist and performer who breathes new life into the art and legacy that is torch singing.
Spaghetti Western From Santa Barbara to Nashville, Spaghetti Western has been rockin' the "country" for the past ten years.
Speed Racer A cross between Screeching Weasel and Green Day
  Steve White & The Barstool Pigeons Steve White & The Barstool Pigeons are a cookin' blues-based band
  Stiff Pickle Orchestra The orchestra's unique compositions and sound draw influences from urban blues, American country music, hit songs of the twenties and thirties, jazz and rock.
  Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid Julie's stone cupid soul, evokes the influences of Joni Mitchell, Dinah Washington, Joe Williams, the Staple Singers, k.d.lang.
  Strtlg Former rhythm section for Creature Feature creates their own unique rock sound.
  Sudama Genre-busting fusion of mystical folk jazz and rhythms from around the world.
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  The Tatters Original Americana music with a mix of swing, country, folk, latin and old timey music highlighted by tight female vocal harmonies.
  Tearaways soaring vocals - rich chords arrangements - quintessential guitar pop at its finest
This Ascension Lovely and ethereal female vocal complimented by sophisticated and intense instrumentation.
Robert Thomas Blues like it otta be.
Steve Thoreau California transplant from New Jersey. If you want to just be entertained buy someone else's CD. If you want to be moved, intelligently moved, buy this one. Pathos, poetry and polemics.
tingsha Six musicians create a living sound journey in a ceremony of healing resonance.
Trance To The Sun Deep layered and haunting guitar sounds set a dark yet enlightening mood.
Tristan Tristan specializes in acoustic/electric guitar-driven tunes with a lyrical, vocal, and harmonic bent.
  Turnip Family Secrets Turnip Family Secrets, an innovative new musical by Michael Smith and Joe Woodard, opened in April of 2002 at Santa Barbara's Center Stage Theater.
  Karen Tyler "She succeeds where 99% of "sassy blues mamas" fail, & it's thanks to her exceptional songwriting skills & a voice that can deliver the full spectrum of blues from slow, smoky & sultry to raise-the-roof rockinitis." - Real Blues Magazine
U TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Zeynep Ucbasaran Virtuoso performances recorded at the Music Academy of the West.
  Ulysses S. Jasz "Dixieland", New Orleans style jazz from Santa Barbara.
  The Untouchables Dixieland (Traditional Jass) and Swing have found no better home than in the mix of these top musicians.
V TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Victor Valencia Singer-songwriter-musician spreading the Gospel through a variety of styles that includes R&B, latin-jazz instrumental, fifties & salsa.
VocalPoint 12 member mixed ensemble perform unique arrangements of classic and modern jazz & pop standards, as well as original compositions.
W TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Rebecca Wave powerful vocals, sophisticated song writing, heart and humor
  Jon Wilcox Combines our musical heritage with a contemporary perspective. "Still Life has a flawless musical design, a sure-footed poetic cautious optimism."
  Joe Woodard The songs are alternately, brooding, sweet, goofy, reflective, and other adjectives that will come to mind at a later date.
Z TOP - # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  Zaremaya CD contains 51 minutes of music & is meant to be listened to as a whole piece. Ideal for massage, yoga, Radiance/Reiki, journeying, or meditation.
  JT & the Zydeco Zippers A Great Seasoned Band Performing The Hot & Spicy Dance Music of Southwest Louisiana with a Bayou Beat

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